University of Sheffield

Crystal Facilities Management were awarded the contract with Sheffield University in 2016 for a 3 year period for the annual deep cleaning of the halls of residence and also for the communal areas across Endcliffe Campus for year round services. We are very pleased with this contract and work in partnership with the University to […]

Security Cover Unite Students

Crystal Facilities Management took over the provision for Ad Hoc Security Cover for Unite Students Bournemouth in September 2017. At the time they were being consistently let down by their 3rd party security supplier. We worked closely with the site manager to ensure induction on-site was carried out for each member of staff we used and since then […]

Falmouth University

The contract at the Falmouth University was awarded in Summer 2012 for a deep cleaning service, and a hotel service for conference guests and visitors. This contract was won again in 2015 and ever since, has been running successfully in partnership with Cornwall Plus. A full-time housekeeping team is placed with head house keepers to […]

NEWHAM CCG Unex Tower Cleaning

The Newham CCG offices are located in Unex Tower which is a mix of residential and commercial/office units with separate entrances for the residential and commercial sides, located on ground floor. The CCG occupies the fourth and part second floor and has further occupancy arrangements on the third floor. CCG total floor space is 24059 […]