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    Commercial Deep Cleaning

    We at Crystal Facilities Management aim to deliver bespoke commercial deep cleaning services at an exceptionally high standard. We have experience in cleaning a range of sectors including universities, halls of residence, student house cleaning, colleges, schools, office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, GP surgeries, doctor clinics and more.

    We have been providing specialist deep cleaning, handy one-off clean, as well as spring cleans, for over 10 years in every environment. We operate deep cleaning London as well as nationwide.

    Our fantastic cleaners London and all over the UK as highly trained and ready to be deployed to any commercial cleaning services jobs nationwide.

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      Call us at 020 8993 3831

      Deep Cleaning definition: What is deep cleaning ?

      Deep Cleaning is different from regular cleaning as it involves pulling out and reaching hard to reach areas that are not covered in your daily and regular cleans. That is why we operate according to a detailed specification plan, to achieve the quality and hygiene required for any premises.

      Regular Cleaning will involve the following:

      Deep Cleaning will cover the following

      We promise you:

      • No hidden costs and charges.
      • We use the best and effective cleaning supplies and equipment targeting build-up of dirt.
      • We are competitive on price and flexible on your needs.

      • Quick Response – Immediate booking.

      Additional Sanitisation

      We are fully aware of the extra hygiene practices and will apply non-toxic yet highly effective disinfectants to ALL surfaces within your workplace, which involves hard to reach areas.

      Disinfectants used are designed to provide the highest level of biological reduction and to kill bacteria, mould, spores and viruses. Our specialist ULV biocides process is fast and cost-effective for office spaces, common areas, educational and public spaces.

      Some Facts - Workplace Health Risks

      • The average keyboard, chair and computer mouse harbour some 21,000 germs per square inch; your average desk is home to 10 million bacteria. For context, that’s 400 times more germs than the amount found on a standard toilet seat.
      • Influenza is responsible for approximately 200 million days of reduced productivity and 75 million days of work absence Prevention (CDC) recommends that in order to stop the spread of influenza at work, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that may be contaminated are essential.
      • Approximately 80% of common infections are transmitted by touch. That means that germs are probably spread every time you touch something in the office.
      • The average computer keyboard harbours around 7500 bacteria and 11% of office workers never clean them! Less than half of people only sanitise their keyboard less than once a month. It has been said that viruses such as the flu can survive on such surfaces for up to and sometimes even more than 24 hours. Strains of the coronavirus family can last up to 9 days and are most potent up to 72hrs from contaminating a surface.

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