Crystal Security Guard Receives Bravery Award

Shining the spotlight on one of crystal’s courageous security guards.


brave security guard awardWe are pleased to announce the bravery of our Security Guard, Makeda Lewis, who has made us very proud by her brave actions and has been nominated as the Crystal Hero.

Student accommodation are often known for their safe and convenient alternative to renting privately while at university. Having a stress-free secure accommodation with fantastic social spaces, Wifi, on site maintenance teams and 24/7 security makes this type of accommodation very attractive. However things can go wrong and it’s vital that staff are trained and are able respond in an appropriate manner.

At Crystal Facilities Management we offer continuous training to our staff and also our clients. The guards we select to represent our company are subject to intensive recruitment, and they are selected by a professional team, looking for very particular skills and attributes. This has previously been a great comfort to our clients, as they understand we hire solely on the basis that the candidates fit into our exact expectations.

Makeda is an ideal example of what crystal security guards strive to be. She has earned the respect of her colleagues, supervisors and managers. Her quick thinking and calm actions saved the day.

The following in an account of the incident and the order of events.

Initial call out: Room X called to report occasional loud cat noises in the corridor. The following investigation and action by the officer on site are as follows:

Security Officer attending : M.Lewis
Time on Site: 04:00

Order of events:

  1. Makeda attended to a complaint from another resident and responded with bravery as she was violently attacked by a student that was suffering from suspected intoxicated, mental health or under influence of illegal substances.
  2. Makeda attempted communicating with student from the corridor.
  3. Makeda requested them to calm down Keeping distance from behind the door and called the police at 04:22 from personnel phone.
  4. Makeda convinced Student to walk down the stairs to foyer, away from other student rooms and objects that he can reach to harm himself or others.
  5. Student was remained calm and safe downstairs in foyer. No use of reasonable force used. Students entering and exiting building where advised to move quietly and not draw any attention towards the student6. Police arrival time on site :  05:00

Makeda proved professionalism and carried the event through with bravery and courage and we are extremely proud of her.


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