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Term Time Service

One of our fastest growing areas of business here at Crystal Facilities Management is our term time daily cleaning and maintenance services for our customers who use our services during term time. Now is your opportunity to join them, and to take advantage of our fully experienced term time service daily cleaning teams of cleaners. We operate under the best management practices, with consistent and up to date support and training given to them to ensure you have the best solution possible to your needs.

We fully understand that not all cleans can be completed only in the summer time, and term time cleaning is very important. Our staff are fully trained to work during your busiest times, meaning they can complete their work quickly and efficiently under short time scales to suit your schedules.

Consistent cleanliness and safety across all levels are very important to our operations. Crystal Facilities Management utilise our knowledge and experience of providing high quality and professional term time cleaning services to universities and higher education establishments. We can ensure our best practice methodologies are transferred over to your university to provide your staff and students with the clean, safe and hygienic environment they deserve to work and study in.

Ten years’ experience working and improving within this industry has built our knowledge of different sectors, and therefore we fully comprehend that no two establishments are the same. If you have any specifics you would like to pitch to us, we’re all ears and welcome any requests. Our staff are fully trained to work to client’s briefs, meaning you can outline the details and also create checklists for your daily cleaning services. We offer this innovative approach to put you in the driving seat of your own cleaning services, we are always happy to accommodate your wishes.

Range Of Services For You To Choose From

We understand that not every solution we offer will be right for your establishment, and we pride ourselves on the flexibility with our term time daily cleaning services to give you complete peace of mind. Our term time services team offer a year-round service to assist with common room/area cleaning, repairs and maintenance to accommodation, and ad-hoc services that can be booked individually or in a long-term full facilities bundle. Having this flexibility is something we always set out to do with our business, to really offer every possible option to ensure client satisfaction. Our clients are very important to us and delivering the best service possible is always our priority.

After being awarded multiple contracts over the past few years with excellent universities, we are proud of our experience inventory, meaning we can bring all our expertise to the job. Working during term-time entails covering the communal areas of your business as well as any kitchen or bathrooms that need a refresh. We are fully aware buildings need to be cleaned in a short space of time, as to not interrupt those working or learning. It’s because of this that we always adapt our working hours to yours, meaning we’re there exactly when you need us.

Below is a list of some of the services we supply – contact us today and we will help you make the best choice for your term-time service needs.

  • Staff Cover
  • Reception Cover
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Common Room/Area Cleaning
  • Handyman Service
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Bike Shed Cleaning
  • Public Convenience Cleaning
  • Bin Store Cleaning
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Security Guards

We offer a wide range of services so you can select the ones that suit your needs best. As a company, we have always felt that having variety is very important, we may offer services you hadn’t thought of before and would be really interested in. We like to cover the basics but then offer more than other companies. Instead of sourcing other maintenance services elsewhere, at Crystal you can centralise your services and find a pool of maintenance services that will suit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have extensive experience shaping our delivery services to incorporate the needs of our clients, whether you’re a start-up or a fully established long running business.
  • By using a professional term time cleaning company, you can enjoy the benefits of working in a superbly clean and safe environment. We take care of all the elements of cleaning for you, so you don’t have to worry!
  • We have extensive experience of providing daily cleaning services in London but also on a national scale.
  • Our experienced cleaners are given thorough training which is constantly maintained to make sure we are always hitting targets.
  •  When it comes to security, we know this will be a top priority for you. All our staff are DBS checked and trained within the appropriate training security processes to ensure complete safety from start to finish.


Is using a term-term cleaning company worth the money?

Of course! No matter how small your business is, or how large, you will see a huge benefit from using professional cleaners. We have the ability to provide your company with a clean and safe working environment, which will only benefit your students and employees during term-time. We understand that having a clear working space is incredibly important to productivity, and always leave rooms tidy and presentable.

Can I choose what services I want?

Absolutely. We have designed our services around understanding that companies like to pick and choose their services, as your company may need only a few or even all of our offerings. Or, we can create a package entirely bespoke to yourselves, meaning you can outline exactly what you want.

If I have any questions, what should I do?

All queries can be answered instantly via our 24-hour customer service line, as we like to be available for our clients no matter what. We’re always on hand to deliver exceptional service and pride ourselves on being able to help whatever questions you may have. To discuss any of our services, regarding term time cleans and our bespoke packages, please head over to the Contact Us page.

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