Stitching Together a Better Future for Women: The Impact of BlinkNow Foundation’s March Programs

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The BlinkNow Foundation is a non-profit organisation that operates a globally recognised school and children’s home in Surkhet, Nepal. Their mission is to provide education, nutrition, and medical care for children in need, as well as empowering women through various training and career development programs.

Our company recently donated to support the BlinkNow Foundation’s Women’s Centre and training programs. Here, we’ll be highlighting the impact our donation is having on the women of Surkhet and the surrounding communities.

Women’s History Month and 10th Anniversary of Women’s Centre

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history and recognise the ongoing struggle for gender equality. At the BlinkNow Foundation, this month is particularly significant as it marks the 10th anniversary of their Women’s Centre.

The Women’s Centre has been instrumental in empowering women in the Surkhet community, providing them with training and career development opportunities to gain independence and support their families. Over the past ten years, nearly 300 women have received specific job skills training and entrepreneurship skills, enabling them to start their own businesses or seek employment.

None of this would have been possible without the ongoing support of monthly donors like our company. Our donations have helped to fund the Women’s Centre and other programs that support women in the Surkhet community. The Women’s Centre has experienced significant growth over the past decade. This growth can be attributed to the support it has received. The positive effect of this support has been felt by the surrounding communities. They have benefited greatly from the Women’s Centre’s growth.

Career Training Programs

One of the key ways in which the BlinkNow Foundation empowers women in the Surket community is through their career training programs. These programs provide women with the job skills training and entrepreneurship skills they need to gain independence, start a career, and provide for their families.

Over the past ten years, nearly 300 women have received training through these programs, thanks to the support of monthly donors like our company. This training has enabled women to develop skills in a wide range of areas, including tailoring, jewellery making, and baking. The women who participate in these programs experience a significant impact that cannot be overstated. This newfound independence is not only beneficial for the women themselves. But also, for the wider community, which benefits from their increased economic participation.

Community Outreach Programs

BlinkNow Foundation’s impact on the community goes beyond career training programs. The organisation offers various community outreach programs, including workshops on legal rights and preventing domestic assault, programs in local community centres, and adult literacy programs. These programs have expanded to reach wider into the surrounding communities, benefiting not just women but the entire community.

BlinkNow Foundation is empowering women with knowledge and skills to defend their rights and promoting gender equality. This impact is made possible by the community outreach programs. The legal rights and domestic assault workshops are doing their work too. Educating women about their rights and provide them with legal advice and assistance if needed. Meanwhile, the adult literacy programs give women the chance to learn how to read and write. Enabling them to participate in their children’s education and make better-informed decisions.

Additionally, BlinkNow Foundation runs programs in local community centres, such as health camps and awareness campaigns. These programs educate the community about health, hygiene, and nutrition, promoting healthy living habits and disease prevention. Overall, the community outreach programs offered by BlinkNow Foundation have made a significant impact on the community. Not just in terms of education and health. But also, in fostering a sense of community and empowerment among the people.

Cushion and Doll Making Training Program

BlinkNow Foundation’s newest training program is Cushion and Doll Making. This program has provided an opportunity for women in the Surkhet community to learn a new skill. These skills can help them gain employment or start their own businesses from home.

In February, 22 women participated in the one-month training program, and they were all eager to learn. This program not only teaches the technical skills of cushion and doll making. But also, provides the women with the confidence and independence to pursue their passions and become financially self-sufficient.

Each of these 22 women has a unique story. Individuals who were once isolated in their husband’s home now actively seek independence. Those who were married at a young age and unable to attend school are now pursuing opportunities to learn. Some may have endured an abusive childhood, but now they demand a better future. These women have shown great courage in improving their lives. And the Cushion and Doll Making training program is just one way that BlinkNow Foundation is helping them do so.

The Role of Donors

As donors, we acknowledge the important role that we and others like us play in supporting BlinkNow Foundation’s programs. We are proud to support an organisation that empowers women and improves the community in so many ways.

Ongoing donations from us and other donors help the organisation expand its reach and support more women in new ways. This means more women can receive training and education, more families can be lifted out of poverty. And more communities will thrive, creating a better cycle. We encourage others to join us in supporting this important cause and making a positive impact in the world.

Empowering Women: A Call to Action

BlinkNow Foundation has made significant strides in providing women with the tools and resources needed to gain independence. And build a better future for themselves and their families. Our company’s recent donation has helped support the Cushion and Doll Making training program. Which has given women the opportunity to learn a new skill and improve their economic prospects.

We are proud to support BlinkNow Foundation’s mission and the remarkable impact they have had on the lives of women in the Surkhet community. But we know that there is still much work to be done. And ongoing donations will be critical to continue expanding the reach of programs and supporting more women in new and innovative ways.

We encourage everyone to support organisations like BlinkNow Foundation that are dedicated to empowering women and promoting gender equality. Let’s work together to create a world where all women have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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