What Is A Sparkle Cleaning Service?

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A Sparkle Cleaning Service is a professional cleaning company that specialises in post-construction cleaning. This includes the removal of all dust and debris, as well as the polishing of all surfaces. When developers build a new building, they will require a professional post-construction cleaning service. Construction work is extremely messy and can cause a large amount of chaos and […]

How To Get Rid of Dust After Building Work

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No matter how prepared you may be, after any sort of building and construction work, it will be dirty. Dust will collect, even if you cover the floors and furniture in plastic sheeting. Dust particles will have found their way into every nook and cranny. Before you can finish working, you need to ensure that […]

How To Keep Your Desk From Getting Dusty?

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It can be frustrating when you come into work in the morning and your desk is covered in dust. This means you have to clean it (and everything on it) before you can start your job. It’s important for you to maintain a clean and tidy working space to help you work productively. We have […]