How To Clean A Stained Office Chair?

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Your office chair goes through a lot. After all, you sit on it for around 40 hours a week! With such heavy use, it can only be a few months before your office chair shows signs of dirt, wear and tear. So, how do you clean a stained office chair?

You may think that once your office chair is stained, it’s time to throw it away and get a new one. However, this isn’t always the case.

In this article, we explore the quick and easy ways you can clean your office desk chair yourself and provide helpful tips and tricks for cleaning specialist materials like mesh, leather and fibre.

How To Clean Fabric And Fibre Office Chairs

The most common type of office chair is one made using a woven fabric, as they provide a comfortable and affordable solution for most offices. However, fabric and fibre chairs are some of the most porous materials you can choose, making them susceptible to dirt over time, especially for those who eat at their desks regularly. Follow these easy steps to give your fabric or fibre office chair a new lease of life:

  1. First, get rid of the bulk of the dirt by vacuuming the seat.
  2. Then, spray the chair with a good quality upholstery cleaner. Pay particular focus to stained areas.
  3. Leave the cleaner to work for about 10 minutes (check the can for details).
  4. Finally, use your vacuum to suck up all of the dirt the cleaner has pulled out of the fabric.

How To Clean Leather Office Chairs

If you work in a professionalclient-facingcing environment, you may have leather chairs in your office. While more costly than upholstery chairs, leather chairs are often more long-lasting and comfortable. To make the most of your leather office chairs, you’ll need to look after them. This involves cleaning them regularly.

To clean your leather office chair, you’ll need to:

  1. Vacuum the chair for any crumbs or dirt that has fallen into the creases over time.
  2. Then, using some leather cleaning wipes or a damp cloth, give the chair a good rub down. Be sure to check that the cloth you use has no grit in it, as this could scratch the leather.
  3. If your leather chair has tough stains, dip your cloth into soapy water before cleaning.
  4. To keep your leather cleaner for longer, try a furniture protector or leather conditioner after cleaning. This will protect it from any scratches or spills in the future.

How To Clean Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs offer a much more aesthetically pleasing look when compared to traditional fabric office chairs, and can be a lot cheaper than leather. What’s more, thanks to the mesh-like fabric used, these chairs allow for better airflow, reducing bacteria and dirt build-up over time.

Read on to learn how to clean your mesh office chair:

  1. Just like upholstered and leather office chairs, the first step involves using a vacuum to get rid of any debris before cleaning.
  2. Use an ordinary cloth and some soapy water to rub down the chair. You can be more forceful here, as you’re unlikely to damage the material by scrubbing.
  3. If there is a build-up of dirt within the small holes in the mesh chair, use a cotton bud to get this out. Then follow up again with your soapy cloth.
  4. Finally, get a bowl and place it under the chair to collect any water that may drip down after cleaning (as water won’t soak into the surface like it would with fabric). Let the chair dry completely before use.

How To Clean Metal And Plastic Office Chairs

While plastic and metal chairs may not be as comfortable as their upholstered counterparts, the good news is that they’re much easier to clean. Plastic and metal chairs are often used in places where there is likely to be more mess – so schools, or on building sites.

Scrub away any dirt from your plastic and metal chair by following these easy steps:

  1. Take a soapy dishcloth, and rub down the plastic or metal part of the chair to remove any muck or stains that may have built up.
  2. Turn the chair upside down and check the bottom of it, as well as any wheels or feet that can catch debris. Use a plastic knife to dig out any stubborn dirt.
  3. Finally, check the chair’s screws for any further debris that may have gotten caught here. Hair can often get caught in these fiddly places so be sure to remove it all using your knife and the soapy cloth.
  4. Leave to dry.

If you need a more in-depth guide on how to clean a stained office chair, this handy step-by-step process with pictures provides further information to get rid of stubborn stains.

Like your office chair, your office carpet can also go through a lot with the odd (or not so odd) coffee stain spillage. If you are searching for the best solution to get clean up a coffee accident on your dear office carpet, check out these very useful tips on removing a fresh or old coffee stain from your office carpet.

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