How To Clean School Toilets – Expert Cleaners Tips

School Toilets

5 Tips for Keeping Your School Toilets Clean:

No student (or teacher for that matter) wants to walk into a dirty and unclean toilet. Keeping your school toilets clean all day long is essential for the well-being of everyone in your school. 

We have compiled these 5 must-follow tips, by expert cleaners to help you ensure your school toilets are squeaky clean!

1. Ensure You Have A Cleaning Checklist:

A dirty bathroom in a school can cause students to lose focus on their studies. Also, germs and bacteria are everywhere, and they can easily be passed from one person to the next. This is why school toilets must be cleaned and maintained regularly. It is vital that schools put into place a cleaning programme and create a cleaning checklist. A programme will help ensure regular cleaning takes place and highlight busy periods such as after lunch. The cleaning checklist will ensure that all the correct cleaning supplies are used. It will also allow cleaners to know what exactly needs to be done, meeting school toilet regulations. 

2. Inspecting the Bathroom:

A cleaner will first need to inspect the bathroom. They must make sure any broken debris, rubbish, spills, and biohazards are dealt with. This ensures that you are not disrupted later on in the cleaning process. Throw away all broken items and rubbish into the dustbin and clean up any spills. With biohazards, follow your organisation’s safety protocols to report safety hazards before cleaning.

3. Check Toilet Supplies:

To improve the conditions of your school toilets, you must check that all toilet supplies are full.

  • Fill all toilet paper dispensers and make sure they are properly working in every cubicle.
  • Next, restock hand soap and check that the toilet seat covers and paper towels are available.
  • Finally, empty all sanitary boxes and replace clean bags as needed. This will help prevent an unhygienic school toilet.

4. Dusting and Wiping:

The next step is the actual cleaning of your school toilets.

  • To begin, start by dusting the vent covers to ensure air circulation.
  • Afterwards, use a microfiber cloth, sprayed with disinfectant, to wipe down all flat surfaces and doors.
  • Then, focus on high-contact areas such as door handles, hand dryers, dustbins, soap dispensers and toilet paper dispensers, removing all visible marks.
  • Use a duster on the skirting boards all around, other than underneath urinals and toilets.
  • Dust any exposed pipes and pipe covers, underneath the sinks.
  • Once completed, sweep the entire floor.
  • Finally, use a dustpan and brush to collect the debris and dispose of it in a dustbin on your cart.

5. Toilets and Sinks:

When looking at how to keep school toilets clean, this next step will require you to wear some disposable rubber gloves so that you won’t contaminate your hands.

  • Use a sponge, with some cream cleaner and scrub the inside of the sinks.
  • Rinse the area with water and wipe away any leftover residue with a paper towel.
  • Spray a cloth with disinfectant and wipe down the taps and sinks until everything is spotless.
  • Clean all mirrors (from top to bottom) using a paper towel and a multipurpose spray, until all smudges are gone.
  • Flush and rinse all urinals.
  • Scour the inside of the bowl with cream cleaner and flush once more to rinse it out.
  • Spray a cloth with disinfectant again and wipe down the outsides of the urinals, along the wall and between the urinals.

Follow a similar procedure for the toilets, scouring the inside and flushing multiple times to ensure it is rinsed out. Wipe down the entire toilet area with disinfectant, including handles, flushes, pipes, walls, toilet seats, and the outer bowl of the toilet.

Clean School Toilets – Final Steps

Once you have finished cleaning, empty all dustbins, and do another inspection. Make sure smudges and spots are all gone. Check that there are no bad smells, and all rubbish is picked up from the floor. Following this process, or something similar will properly clean the school bathroom and improve the condition of the school toilets.

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