How To Keep Your Desk From Getting Dusty?

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It can be frustrating when you come into work in the morning and your desk is covered in dust. This means you have to clean it (and everything on it) before you can start your job. It’s important for you to maintain a clean and tidy working space to help you work productively.

We have come up with five easy ways the help keep your office desk dust free:

Keep Your Carpets and Floors Clean

Small particles of dust are made up of dead skin cells, plant pollen, human hair and paper and textile fibres. They will have disintegrated into fine pieces that land on your carpet. It can be extremely hard to see if your carpet is dirty or not. Sometimes it is only by vacuuming that you truly understand how dusty it has become.

The less you clean, the higher the chance that dust will collate in other places, such as your desk. Keeping your carpets and floors clean will help to prevent the dust from accumulating in the wrong places. You should regularly deep clean your carpet to help stop dust particles from travelling. They are very light and can land anywhere.

Regular vacuuming, three-four times a week is a good start, followed by regular sweeping and mopping of your non-carpeted floors.

Clean Ceiling Fans and Lights

As well as office floors, you need to ensure that all your ceiling fans and lights are regularly dusted. If your fans are dirty, when you turn them on, they will start to blow the dust all around them. Grab a ladder and using a cloth and some clean you can dust your fan blades.

It is not uncommon for people to forget to clean their ceilings. However, if you ever look up, you may realise just how dirty it really is. Using a duster you can try to grab as much of the dirt and debris off the ceiling. Any particular dirty areas, wipe down with a microfibre cloth. Avoid rubbing too hard as you don’t want to press the dust into the ceiling.

Before you start cleaning your ceiling lights, ensure that the power is off, you don’t want to risk a shock. Gently, remove the bulbs and wipe them down with a soft cloth and glass-safe detergent. Soak the covers in warm soapy water, clean them, wait for them to dry before putting them back up. This process can change depending on the type of lights that you have.

Dust And Wipe Your Radiators

Another place that dust can collect, and therefore spread from, are on your radiators. It is important to regularly monitor and clean your radiators. Dust is all around; it moves as the warm air rises and falls with the cool air. The dust will get drawn up through the radiator and some particles will cling and stick at the back. Dust can stop heat from escaping making it harder for your office space to warm up.

It’s a good idea to add cleaning your radiators to your regime to prevent the dust from rising with warm air. This will help to prevent particles from landing and clinging to your desk space. Using a duster, a bucket of warm, soapy water, and a dry cloth you can easily clean your radiators. Ensure you have switched the heating off beforehand to make it safer for you.

It is also important to make sure that the area surrounding your radiator is clean and dust-free. If not, when you switch the heating back on, those dust particles will more likely be drawn towards your radiators.

Avoid Furniture Oil And Wax

Furniture oil and wax don’t only give your desks a shiny look, they make them sticky. This means that any dust that falls onto the desk will be even harder to clean up. Save your time and effort by buying appropriate cleaning products (based on the material your desk is). Whether glass, wood, metal, or plastic, you’ll be able to find the right product for your desk.

Stay away from oil and wax and remember what is best for your desk.

Air Purifiers

Consider using an air purifier in your office space. They contain a fan mechanism that draws air through a filter that traps dust, removing it from the air. This decreases the chances of dust falling onto your desk. The filtered air is then released back into your office.

This reduces the amount you will have to worry about dust; however, we recommend that you regularly clean your office. You can also hire an office cleaning service, that will come into your office space and deep clean. This will further help reduce the dust in the air, thus there will be less dust falling onto your desk.

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