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The Newham CCG offices are located in Unex Tower which is a mix of residential and commercial/office units with separate entrances for the residential and commercial sides, located on ground floor. The CCG occupies the fourth and part second floor and has further occupancy arrangements on the third floor. CCG total floor space is 24059 sqft broken up over three floors.

We carry out the cleans of the Newham CCG Offices at Unex Tower which is a mix of residential and commercial office/units.

The cleans are carried out after office hours between 8 pm and 10 pm. Cleaning tasks include carpet vaccuuming, dusting, desk wiping, rubbish removal, kitchen cleaning and glass partition cleaning. We also provide porter services which includes ad-hoc cleaning during the day, restocking consumables in the kitchen and stationary points and handling mail delivery and post outs. The cleaning services are supervised with weekly reports and visits by our Area Contracts Manager. Bi-weekly audits are also carried out by NCCG and Crystal FM to ensure the standards equate to NHS level.

There is a portering function during office hours from 8:30 – 15:00 to set up meeting rooms, stock up kitchen consumables, stock up stationery points and cupboards, handle any deliveries & mail. Post out. Kitchens and meeting rooms are checked during the day and refreshed and stocked up where necessary.
The porter works closely with both the reception team and the Site management to action any ad-hoc facilities related requests.

Crystal FM provides the equipment and consumables required on site. We also carry out periodic deep cleans as required.

We recently updated standards and provided training in line with the current COVID 19 situation to meet the required NHS standards through tool-box talks on site.

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