Primary and Secondary Education

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Cleaning Schools

Schools and universities are flourishing, busy workplaces that see a lot of everyday traffic. An untidy school gives visitors a poor first impression and affects the mood of the staff and students. Additionally, it indicates poor hygiene standards, which will promote the growth of bacteria and viruses. Meanwhile, a spotless college or workplace promotes good hygiene and a positive first impression. You’ll have one less thing to manage!

Crystal Facilities Management Services for the Primary and Secondary Education Sector

As school costs rise and education funding decreases, schools must find new methods to extend their budget. For more than a decade, Crystal has assisted every sector in controlling expenses, protecting the environment, and redirecting funds to more urgent matters. Your children and teachers deserve a safe and reliable learning environment. Crystal enables you to achieve great quality while staying within your budget. Reduce your school’s maintenance costs while maintaining quality.

Best School Cleaning Services

In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that about 60 million school days are lost each year because of illness. Sickness is a serious problem that negatively impacts an individual’s learning, the learning of fellow students, and even the teaching of teachers. According to the Department of Education, 300,000 teachers take sick leave each year, amounting to around 3 million lost teaching days, which also hurts children’s education. Keep the school environment safe, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, to guarantee schools remain open and children receive the education they deserve.

Challenges Facing Schools

Universities and colleges today require support staff for cleaning, maintenance, and food service. While staff shortages, more overtime, and higher pay rates make it more difficult to provide services, students, parents, and staff all have higher expectations.


Crystal is the ideal match for school cleaning because of our broad experience in the sector. A partner with experience working with some of the biggest, most recognisable companies in hospitality just make sense as educational institutions aim to provide better standards of excellence in the services they provide. Additionally, many schools discover that the proper partner may help them achieve greater quality while lowering costs for overtime, last-minute cleaning, everyday cleaning, a big event, or the mess in the cafeteria during lunch.



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