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Student Accommodation Cleaning

Let us be your trusted partner and leave your cleaning needs to us. You can be sure that your accommodation is in safe and capable hands.
Expert Student Accommodation Cleaning
You can be sure you will get, top student accommodation cleaning service when choosing us as your cleaning partner. Our company has a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of experience providing integrated solutions within the education sector. We are privileged to be supporting many Universities with their residences year in year out. When you choose a large established cleaning provider, like us, you have the piece of mind that your property is in safe and capable hands. We have the management capablitilies, the highly trained operation managers and cleaners, the resources, as well as the correct cleaning equipement. All this will ensure a smooth and fast turnround for your accommodation.

Here at Crystal Facilities Management, we understand that every teaching environment is different. That is why we make sure all our operations are time efficient. This is done by tailoring our services to fulfil your needs and requirements. Furthermore, we design and programme a service that delivers, whilst taking great care to appreciate the detail within the scope of works.

Top cleaning teams that deliver exceptional cleaning service.

Our cleaning teams are our most prized assets. After all, they are the ones who will be cleaning your accommodation. This is why we are continuously investing in training programmes to maintain the highest of standards. Having achieved the ISO14001 & ISO9001 accreditations, we take pride in knowing that we meet all Health, Safety and Environmental standards on and offsite.

Major Universities and Private accommodation providers trust us with their student accommodation cleaning.

Our cleaners have delivered commercial building cleaning and commercial deep cleaning to many properties spanning across the nation. Our meticulous approach to all commercial cleaning projects guarantees that your building will be dealt with in a manner that is entirely bespoke, covering all your needs efficiently. We stand out from the crowd by offering a service that is consistently personalised to all businesses regardless of their size or status. We always consider the companies we work with as partners rather than clients, allowing us to channel all projects in a united Direction.

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24-hour support to achieve your tight deadlines

Crystal Facilities Management transforms thousands of rooms after student departures every summer. We have experienced teams to help you manage this transitional period. We make it a stress-free exercise, be providing you with 24hr support to achieve those tight turn rounds.

Our staff are trained to understand and work through detailed specs to ensure a high quality deep clean is achieved. This is to give you peace of mind and confidence in knowing you will be delivering on your commitments to your students.

Cleaning services that we offer include:

  • Sanitation to all appliances
  • Carpet wash
  • Spot removal
  • Upholstery clean
  • Showerhead descaling

Examples of student accommodation cleaning and maintenance work that we are proud to say we have carried out include the following.

Some of the student accommodation cleaning services we have delivered were the annual deep cleaning of the halls of residence and also the communal areas across Endcliffe Campus for the University of Sheffield. You can read more about it in this case study here.

We were also awarded a deep cleaning and hotel service contract with Falmouth University back in 2012.  The deep cleaning was for their student halls while the hotel service was for their conference guests and visitors. In 2015 we managed to win the contract again. Since then, we have been running successfully in partnership with Cornwall Plus. (More information can be found in this case study here. )

Another university we have worked with is Warwick University. Recently we were awarded a 5-year contract for cleaning services within the residential areas across the main campus and Wellesbourne campus. Have a look at our case study regarding this here.

We also have a successful partnership with the University of Leeds based on our proven capability in service delivery every year as well as a brilliant track record. You can read a more detailed case study here.

More services we can help you with:

Other services that we offer include building maintenancebuilders cleaningschool cleaning as well as security guard services.

Case Studies

School Cleaning – Netley Campus

This school cleaning case study highlights the services we offered to Netley Street School.
Netley Campus is an inclusive school, exuding a warmth and generosity of spirit that comes from the happy children and diverse…

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School Cleaning – Netley Campus

Security Cover – Unite Students

Crystal Facilities Management took over the provision for Ad Hoc Security Cover for Unite Students Bournemouth in September 2017. At the time they were being consistently let down by their 3rd party security supplier. We worked….

View details
Security Cover – Unite Students

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds contract is a prestigious one for Crystal Facilities Management to be awarded as it has proved our capability in delivering to our promise over the course of 3 years whilst carrying out the annual ….

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University of Leeds

University of Warwick

Crystal Facilities Management have worked with Warwick University for over 3 years and were recently awarded a 5-year contract for cleaning services within the residential areas across the main…

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University of Warwick

Falmouth University

The contract at the Falmouth University was awarded in Summer 2012 for a deep cleaning service, and a hotel service for conference guests and visitors. This contract was won again in…..

View details
Falmouth University

University of Sheffield

Crystal Facilities Management were awarded the contract with Sheffield University in 2016 for a 3 year period for the annual deep cleaning of the halls of residence and also….

View details
University of Sheffield

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